what am I doing?

Ok, I have to admit it, I'm a little freaked out right now. All of sudden everything is going wrong or is half finished with this show. Still getting a tech person, but I should've had that info to the festival people months ago. I have the bulk of my rehearsal process in front of me but the festival itself starts up on Thursday.


ya' best hold on!

I'm getting these Emails they send to all the participants--so everything feels like I should be sold out already, or at least knee-deep in my marketing efforts. But I am still getting postcards printed, I've been doing mostly word of mouth up until now. I've got six weeks before my show.

I'm so new to this whole process, and can't help but feel overwhelmed by it all. Not the making theatre part--that I know and am really enjoying. But the marketing, the audience cultivation. It's a different set of hats to wear, and I often feel like l am failing miserably at it.