The leg work

August really feels like the dog days on this show. With the performance still more than two months away, my director gone for a month to do Edinburgh Fringe, it's not easy for me to stay focused on the script and continually working. Yet, that is exactly what I should be doing everyday. And I know it needs some rewrites on certain parts, plus I should be getting off book for everything else. 

When I first got accepted to United Solo it was 9 months away--it felt like an eternity. Plus, I've been chatting it up to friends for so long that it feels like old hat. Yet, now is the time I have to really buckle down and get the postcards finalized, images edited for website, and finish any rewrites on the script I have in mind.


It is a little overwhelming, but as a solo artist you are the playwright, the actor, but also the producer and marketing/publicity person as well. So many tiny little things to be taken care of. I think I need insurance, but I'm not really sure.