what am I doing?

Ok, I have to admit it, I'm a little freaked out right now. All of sudden everything is going wrong or is half finished with this show. Still getting a tech person, but I should've had that info to the festival people months ago. I have the bulk of my rehearsal process in front of me but the festival itself starts up on Thursday.


ya' best hold on!

I'm getting these Emails they send to all the participants--so everything feels like I should be sold out already, or at least knee-deep in my marketing efforts. But I am still getting postcards printed, I've been doing mostly word of mouth up until now. I've got six weeks before my show.

I'm so new to this whole process, and can't help but feel overwhelmed by it all. Not the making theatre part--that I know and am really enjoying. But the marketing, the audience cultivation. It's a different set of hats to wear, and I often feel like l am failing miserably at it.

Week 1

I got to work with Peter twice this week. We blocked then worked the first half of the show. Sort of exploring as we went along, then setting and reworking some bits. It's a weird place to have written the script, then revise it many times. Then perform it once, then once again a year later. And now I'm getting a better sense of how solo stuff works--but some scripts you might spend years developing. Then years performing it, if you're lucky.

Fun to dig back in to this process, and I am excited to get it in front of an audience. Although I still have three months before that. Another challenging aspect of the festival deal, at least this one. So much time before it actually happens--it hardly feels like any of it is urgent.

The leg work

August really feels like the dog days on this show. With the performance still more than two months away, my director gone for a month to do Edinburgh Fringe, it's not easy for me to stay focused on the script and continually working. Yet, that is exactly what I should be doing everyday. And I know it needs some rewrites on certain parts, plus I should be getting off book for everything else. 

When I first got accepted to United Solo it was 9 months away--it felt like an eternity. Plus, I've been chatting it up to friends for so long that it feels like old hat. Yet, now is the time I have to really buckle down and get the postcards finalized, images edited for website, and finish any rewrites on the script I have in mind.


It is a little overwhelming, but as a solo artist you are the playwright, the actor, but also the producer and marketing/publicity person as well. So many tiny little things to be taken care of. I think I need insurance, but I'm not really sure.

Getting underway

I'm so excited to embark on this huge journey. It's been years in the making since I started the script to getting into a festival like United Solo. So many times I've doubted myself and wondered if the story is even worth telling. But, ultimately, putting in front of an audience is liberating and revelatory. Even for me, the person that lived it, seeing it played out sheds new insight and brings new understanding to the present.

2009-07-09 11.58.32.jpg


I am likewise thrilled to be joined by my Director Peter Michael Marino. A veteran of solo performance and all around hilarious individual. Peter has already helped me trim the script a bit and hone my focus about the feel and tone of the show. Digging in to rehearsals this week, should be a blast.